ES ROBBINS Announces the First-Ever Dual Purpose Sit or Stand Mat®


Sit or Stand Chairmat with Anchormat Gripping Power

MUSCLE SHOALS, ALABAMA (September 2015) — With sit to stand desks exploding into the market, the innovative Sit or Stand Mat® by ES ROBBINS offers a complete workspace solution. Featuring exclusive patent pending hybrid technology, the Sit or Stand Mat® is designed to reduce the negative effects of sitting all day. “Research claims that sitting all day can be as hazardous as smoking,” say Mark Pardue, Director of Marketing. “The Sit or Stand Mat offers a dual sit to stand desk solution making it more than an accessory. It’s an essential tool for a better, more active workspace.”

Research confirms that a sedentary work environment can be detrimental to your health. When leg muscles are completely inactive, it can lead to blood glucose trouble and much more. People who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks. The solution is simple…be more active by sitting for shorter periods of time and then standing. Active movement helps increase your metabolism, blood flow and body strength.

The Sit or Stand Mat® offers the flexibility to either sit or stand. The unique hinge folds for a supportive cushion to stand in comfort and unfolds to a full size chair mat providing a durable rolling surface and floor protection. the fluted underside grips low pile carpets and hard floors. Proudly made in the USA, the Sit or Stand Mat® is available in options for small or larger workstations, 36″ x 53″ with lip and 45″ x 53″ rectangle, and has a limited 1-year Warranty.

Work smarter. Live longer. Sit or Stand Mat® for Your Health.™

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