Natural Origins® Chair Mats and Desk Pads The First USDA Certified Biobased Chair Mat in the Office Products Industry


Natural Origins Chair MatES ROBBINS Corporation is proud to introduce Natural Origins® Chair Mats and Desk Pads. The Natural Origins® product line is based on the proprietary GEN7V® Biopolymer, a high-performance resin partially derived from renewable resources (plants).The Natural Origins® Chair Mats and Desk Pads are the first flooring and desk protection products designed specifically for business, office and home use to be certified by the USDA as biobased. The USDA BioPreferred program mandates and defines standards for federal government procurement programs as outlined in the President’s Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance Executive Order 13514 for environmental stewardship.

According to company founder, Edward S. Robbins, III, “The Natural Origins® Chair Mat is more health and eco-friendly and reinforces our legacy as the industry standard-bearer for clarity, quality, and durability.  The Natural Origins® Chair Mat demonstrates our company commitment to safe solutions for our customers and the planet. Not only is the Natural Origins® Chair Mat phthalate and cadmium free, we have taken the next step beyond phthalate-free; we have replaced the phthalates with a product made from renewable (plant) sources, rather than traditional petroleum or fossil-fuel based sources.”

The ES ROBBINS innovative assortment of chair mats provides an easy-rolling surface at any desk or workstation, eliminates wear on all types of flooring surfaces and is covered by the unmatched “No Crack Mat Guarantee”. ES Robbins Corporation affirms our commitment to high-quality, innovative products made in the USA utilizing the most advanced technology and environmentally-conscious materials.


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Specializing in extruded polymer products, ES ROBBINS is dedicated to the research, development and marketing of high quality items for office, industry, food service and equine markets. Holding over 150 patents, owner and inventor Ed Robbins has dedicated the past 45 years to innovating plastics that improve the quality of life, work and play. The ES ROBBINS global manufacturing facility is located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and employs 200 employees across five divisions.

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